Terry Miura workshop and The Red Kimono

Had a great 4 day workshop last week with Terry Miura.  First two days we did gesture drawings and learned to 'map' out form and core shadows.  It was a great exercise.  

Then we moved on to painting the remaining two days...first with just black and white...

....then in adding nothing more than transparent oxide red for a very limited palette.  Amazing ranges of colors that are achievable however with just ivory black (as blue), titanium white and the TOR.

On the fourth day we advanced to a 'full palette'...all of the above plus yellow ochre, cad red, alizaron, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue.  We could use them all or just add one or two to the limited brown' palette.  Zorn +1.  I took a few shots of the process of gesture through to laying in the lights, darks and beginning to model form with value.  I didn't get very far along on this one but I still like it.  

This was the final painting of the final pose and I took no photos of the process.  I am pleased.  Lots and lots of lost edges...I feel I am beginning to understand what edges to lose and which one to define.  But I have a long way to go...

These last photos are of the 'demo' done by Terry on the fourth day of our lovely model in a exquisite red kimono.  It was breathtaking...and we all just wanted to burn our brushes after he produced this.  An amazing talent and great teacher!  So inspiring!