DIY canvas panels

After reading everything there is out there (and there is a lot)  on making canvas panels  I finally took the plunge this weekend.  I decided to use MDF board (other choices are Masonite, Dibond, birch panels).   Instead of messing with glue or Miracle Muck I simply gessoed the canvas cut to size to the 12" x 16" boards.  I did this by applying a coat of thinned gesso to the board, then laying the canvas on top.  I smoothed it out with a damp sponge pressing firmly to work the gesso through the canvas.  I let them dry for several hours.  Then I sanded them and applied a couple of more thinned coats of gesso and trimmed the excess off flush with the board (the photo below shows it before trimming).   Worked perfectly.  I love the tooth on these really grabs the paint and I was able to be pretty exact with laying down marks.  No slipping and sliding.  This is huge cost save with a much superior product.  I'm quiet pleased.

And this is what I painted today on one of the panels I made with some close ups to appreciate how this canvas handled the paint.  It's not done.....some finishing touches and bling later.