Open Studio sketches

I have had very little time to paint outside of my studio due to work, know.  I recently committed to going to the open studio at Warehouse 521  on Fridays (my day 'off').  Yesterday was my first day.  It took me a while to get oriented.  I had run out of the house in the morning grabbing stuff along the way.  I had partially unpacked my art bag from the workshop the week before so brushes and paints and paper and pencils were strewn all over.  When I got there...I didn't know if I wanted to paint or draw so I limped along the first couple of hours doing some half assed warm up gesture drawings.  By midmorning it started to gel and by the afternoon I had managed to do two really nice, quick (2 twenty minute poses for each) sketches.    I will definitely be going was SO incredibly useful.   The models were husband and wife...and I think they make a nice pair (the paintings too).