Painting the same thing twice

I painted this ilttle still life a few years ago...I set it up and did sketches then completed later in watercolor in my studio.

"Three Peaches"  Watercolor  9" x 12"  Collection of Mr. and Mrs. John Caplan

"Three Peaches"  Watercolor  9" x 12"  Collection of Mr. and Mrs. John Caplan

Here is the same still life painted yesterday in oil.  Same size.  

Here is the photograph of the set up.  I am surprised at the difference in the palette.  The watercolor is paintined in a much higher key while the oil is in a more subdued,  lower chroma.  I did not look at the watercolor until I had finished this oil.  After looking at the oil today when writing this, I think I need to darken the area of which the peaches are sitting. I know that it was an ebony black table so that may be influencing this.   


The final painting.   ( I think I prefer the watercolor)