Summers Gift

We have an enormous garden.  We planted twice as much as we needed thinking we would only get half due to our rookie status as gardeners.  We were wrong.  Here is the first melon of probably 50 waiting to be harvested.  Truly it is the sweetest, best cantaloupe I have ever had...not just because we grew it.  I hope you can taste and smell the lusciousness of this gift of summer!

( It isn't signed...not quite done but will be available when finished.  Check back in 'Available Work' in a few days if interested).

The greatest challenge and joy for a painter is to lay down each stroke of paint so that they sit beautifully next to each other to make a collective statement.    The joy of viewing a painting comes from what it says to you from far away yet draws you in to take closer look.  Here are some closeups that I hope you enjoy.