In the studio and beyond

Gilded Kimono. The process.

I thought I would share the entire process of the creation of The Gilded Kimono.  When I started these round pastel paintings it was on a whim.  I was needing a break from the set up and mess of  oil...and like I often do when that happens I took to my Hamilton drawing table and wheeled over my cart of drawing pencils and pens.  I got out my sketchbook and began some sketches of still life set ups I had in my photo references folder.  Out of that sketch session ultimately came Pears in the Round which was done on a 10" round gessoed birch plywood panel.  I used mostly Carbothello and Conte a Paris pastel pencils, some graphite and charcoal.  I layered the pigment to achieve the dark background using umber and prussian blue, reds and greens for warmth.  Workable fixative on purpose to darken the areas I wished to darken . I also rubbed in the pastel in each layer to create a rich matte finish.  The final layer is where I added the high chroma color and lightest lights with a lot less, if any, rubbing.  So that was the basic painting (drawing?) process.  


Then I moved on to the girl in the red kimono.  I used the basic same process with the addition of some sepia and blackest black india ink in the dark background with pastel on top.  Gold leaf was applied to a design that I created freehand with adhesive to which the leafing was then applied.  

Here is a gallery showing the whole process from first sketch in to gold leafing to completed and signed, read to frame.  The next gallery will show the framing process.

I ordered a hand made unfinished ash wood frame. I ebonized it with india ink, applied the gold leaf and   hand waxed to seal.  The painting is placed under a piece of hand cut Tru Vue museum glass with UV protection.  It is the highest quality glass you can buy to protect pastels, charcoals or anything that could be damaged by light, humidity, touch and dust.  The glass is held in place with a small bead of silicone and then the painting is placed on  1/16th inch bead along the glass to provide a slight spacer between the painting and the glass.  Then the back of the framed piece is covered with acid free paper dust protector.  Hardware applied and ready to ship.  

Here are several others that followed....same process.  I photographed them all in the same frame.  They will all be offered soon...stay tuned!!

Round format

These are all 10" pastel drawings (paintings?) on wood panels.  I gesso them and lightly sand. leaving a bit of the imperfections in the surface. 

Fun.  Challenging sometimes due to the perspective which can be affected not just be size and angle but by value.  

Will be offering soon once they are framed.